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How will you use your language skills in 2020?

This year has seen dozens of new students come along to Bright Owls – and seen the return of many of our regular learners…

But why are they learning a language – and how do they plan to use it in 2020?

Group courses to learn a language


Rhea is an adult learner who has family in Spain and has been trying to learn the basics of the Spanish language for many years – she joined a group Spanish session two terms ago.

“I have always found it difficult to retain what I am learning and struggled with some of the major differences between the English and Spanish languages. But at Bright Owls, Marisa has worked through the bits that I find hard – and helped me to learn conversational language without hitting stumbling blocks.

“It means that although I do not speak Spanish fluently I can use what I know to understand what my extended Spanish family are saying, read menus and directions – and have a basic two-way conversation. In 2020 I will visit Spain and try out everything I have been able to pick up – and hopefully impress my sister-in-law and her family!”

One to one lessons


Alison wanted to learn some Spanish ahead of a trip to Peru and future overseas adventures.

“I really enjoyed the course, which was a surprise because I am not very good at languages. I needed to learn some Spanish for a proposed trip to Peru. Maris was great, which makes such a difference.”

A wedding abroad


Deborah and her husband attended Portuguese lessons to prepare themselves for a wedding in Portugal.

“My husband and I did Portuguese with Marisa and she was brilliant and so patient. Bright Owls is a great school and I would definitely recommend them – and hopefully will be enrolling for more courses next year.”

Spanish for children


Ellis is six and has been learning Spanish in the after-school club with a group of children aged up to 8.

“Spanish is hard but we make things and we sing songs. My favourite lesson was learning about the Day of the Dead. I can count to 30 in Spanish and I know all of my colours and how to say I like something, and how to say I don’t!”

Learning a new language

Whatever your reasons for learning a new language, or wanting your children or grandchildren to learn a new language, Bright Owls would love to see how we can help.

Whether it is helping you prepare for a wedding speech (a popular request!), learning the basics so that you can read a menu – or the signs at the airport – or because you would like to become fluent in a second or third language, our learners always give us great feedback, and we are over the moon to help!

And if you have any fears we are also available for a chat before you sign up – and before you ask…..we do not believe you can be too old to learn a language!

For more information about the 2020 courses see our timetable.



How will you use your language skills in 2020?

This year has seen dozens of new students come along to Bright Owls - and seen the return of many of our regular learners…But why are they learning a language - and how do they plan to use it in 2020?Group courses to learn a languageRhea is an adult...

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