Foreign Language FAQ's

We’ve compiled a list of the most common Foreign Language learning questions to help you.

Who are we?

Bright Owls is a small independent language school that stands for quality language learning with opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Why study with Bright Owls?

Over the years, Bright Owls has helped numerous GCSE and A level students to achieve their desired grades as well as many children to become familiar with the learning of a foreign language before starting to study it formally at a later age. Bright Owls also has assisted many adult learners over the years who fulfilled their ambition to learn a new language.

Why study a foreign language?

Our students may want to learn a language to: communicate and get by whilst on holiday, converse with family or friends who live abroad, handle work related tasks or relocation to another country or simply for fun as a new skill to have and the wish of meeting and socialising with others of the same interests.

When can I book start my one-to one tuition?

One-to-one and small GCSE and A Level support sessions are delivered at an arranged time and day to suit our students (subject to tutors’ availability). GCSE students tend to book after school hours whilst A level students may prefer to book their sessions during their free periods at college, freeing them to carry on studying other subjects during the afternoon/evening.

Who can enrol to the Evening/Daytime groups?

Bright Owls Daytime courses are suitable for students aged 16+. Our daytime sessions are suitable for those working part-time, retired or those who have a morning off. Morning sessions start at 10:30am until 12 noon. Our evening groups are suitable for students aged 16+. Sessions usually commence at 6pm allowing learners to come after work or college.

What languages are on offer?

The languages on offer are: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese being the most popular. We also teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Polish, Russian upon request.

Why should I enrol on an evening group?

Whether you’d like to learn for fun, as a hobby or for a specific reason, our native tutors are here to support you the whole way through your learning journey to help you achieve your personal goal. You would also get the opportunity to learn alongside other students sharing the same interest in learning a language, our evening groups are a weekly social event for people like-minded.

What are our After schools about?

Children start building basic but vital vocabulary through games, songs and visual interactive activities like role-plays in order to familiarise with the language in question. Our experienced tutors will challenge those more able children with activities accordingly, spelling and sentence building exercises for example.

When do the After School Clubs take place?

In order to accommodate children coming from schools in and around Shrewsbury, our Clubs run in the afternoon after school hours, 4:3o to 5:30pm.

Can my child under 5 attend an After School Club?

We take on students from the age of 5 upwards, as they have to be accustomed to a school environment, to be part of a group/team and with the ability to settle within a classroom setting for one hour.

Do you offer Language Workshops in School holidays for children aged 5-10 years old?

During School holidays, Bright Owls offers the opportunity of a one-off workshop in Spanish, French, and Portuguese for children to explore what learning a language is all about whilst having fun. In our workshops we combine interactive activities, songs and performances alongside arts & craft projects focused on a particular theme e.g. The beach, Food and drinks, My house… etc. 

How long do the workshops last?

Our language workshops last 3 hours (10:30am-1:30pm). Bright Owls provides refreshments during the session (drinks and a snack) with regular small breaks to ensure focus on the task in hand.

Do you offer Motivational Career Talks & Languages Workshops for schools?

Our tutors visit schools and organisations delivering a wide range of language workshops and engaging talks to promote the learning of languages in Primary and Secondary Schools. Our talks are aimed to encourage and motivate students to consider learning another language pointing out the different positive outcomes that learning a foreign language can bring into any career.

Celebrating multiculturalism and integration of other languages and cultures around the world through a variety of interactive activities in our workshops, including music, arts and crafts, role-plays, games and much more.

Who can benefit from our career talks?

Without a doubt, year 8 or year 9 students about to decide which GCSEs to choose. Our speakers can give them some ideas of the future potential of picking a foreign language as a GCSE option.

Who can benefit from your International Day of languages and languages workshops?

All primary schools can benefit from a day with one or more language sessions giving children a taste of what learning a foreign language is like and when/if they are already learning a foreign language, they get a flavour of how learning another language differs or is similar to the one they are learning. Secondary schools use our workshops as a celebration of multiculturalism and integration of other languages.

Where would Languages for business sessions take place?

We have our own premises in Shrewsbury town centre and exclusive sessions for a particular company/organisation can be organised at a time and day of the week to suit yourself/your staff. However, we understand that live is complicated and busy therefore we are happy to come to you at a particular day and time to suit you/your staff whenever required (subject to tutor’s availability).

How do I sign up/enrol into a course?

You can enrol into a language course via our website or sending an e-mail to showing your interest and you’ll receive a registration form.

Can I start a course at any time?

One-to-one or two-to one tuition, yes! As long as an available time/day is agreed with one of our tutors lessons can begin almost straight away.

Group courses and After School Clubs, we follow the school timetable and our 10 week-block system therefore we announce designated dates to begin a course. Usual times of the year when new courses are offered here at Bright Owls are September, January and May.

What happens if I miss the start of a course?

If you are a total beginner, we advise that you do not join a course that’s been running for more than two weeks, as you’ll have those two weeks of learning to catch up with. If the tutor is notified of a student’s absence, learning materials will be kept for their return.

What happens if I miss a few lessons during my course?

In the event that you are going to miss a lesson (or more), the tutor needs to be notified in advance in order to keep your learning materials, resources or homework ready for your return.

Am I expected to pay a deposit?

Our courses are subject to numbers and in order to keep account of how many students would like to join a course, we request a £50 deposit to secure a place. This deposit is non-refundable if the course goes ahead and you didn’t turn up however, if there are not sufficient students to run the course, a full refund will be given.

When am I expected to pay the remaining balance?

Once you sign up/enrol into a course, you’ll receive an invoice reflecting the receipt of you deposit and showing the remaining balance to pay with a deadline to pay this by. Payment for courses is to be made in advanced, before the actual course or tuition begins unless students are joining a group/session at a later date, payment in the occasion is required on their first lesson. Bright Owls is a ‘cashless’ organisation, we accept bank transfers, on-line or over the phone payments and card (only-Direct Debit) payments within our offices.

How long are the courses/lessons for?

Our daytime courses, evening courses and After School Clubs run in blocks of 10 weeks each. As we believe it’s the minimum time required for anyone to decide whether they’d like to continue learning a language or not.

One-to-one, GCSE and A Level students are invoiced half-termly, that means that following the school timetable, we invoice students/parents/guardians each half-term in order to make payment more manageable.

What happens after the initial 10-week block?

Groups and After School Clubs: If students are happy and willing to continuo, an invoice of another 10 weeks is given, and the course will just carry on building up on previous learning.

One-to-one, GCSE and A Level students: At the end of each half-term week or holiday, an invoice is issued for another number of weeks up until next half-term or holiday.

How long are the learning sessions?

Group tuition sessions are one and a half hours (1.5 hr) long. One-to-one, GCSE and A Level sessions and After School Club last one hour.

What happens during my first lesson?

If you are a total beginner, lesson one will be the beginning of your learning journey, your tutor will talk you through which content is to be covered during the next few weeks and may recommend a textbook for you to purchase in order to help you to progress. Paper, pens and learning materials are provided by Bright Owls (except for textbooks). You would benefit from a folder to keep all your work together.

Are refreshments available?

Bright Owls’ lessons are delivered in a friendly and informal setting. Bright Owls usually offers complementary tea, coffee or water to students (if lucky you may also get a biscuit!) but feel free to bring your own drink and a snack if you wish to. Those students having lessons at lunch time for instance, are encouraged to bring their lunch along and learning can be done whilst enjoying lunch.

Is there nearby parking available?

During the day, the cheapest car park is the Abbey Foregate car park and if you are lucky enough to find a space behind the actual Abbey, you could park there for free up to three hours.
There is a very fast and reliable service of Park and Ride buses bringing you straight into the town centre if you’d rather avoid bringing the car into town.
Parking around town is usually free after 6pm. St Julians Frier’s car park is the closest to Bright Owls but several other car parks within the town centre are also convenient.

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“Bright Owls have delivered two international days within school aimed at helping our young people to have a more international perspective, with the underlying themes of tolerance and respect for others. Bright Owls deserve recognition for the brilliant work they do inspiring young people to develop their language skills, take formal exams and develop a love for languages.”

Mrs Jacqui Brooks

Head Teacher, The Evolution Centre

“A massive thank you to my Spanish teacher Marisa. I started having one to one lessons 2 years ago as I run event calls in Spanish with BT and I am really pleased with the progress that has been made. I believe there is always room for improvement, but I could not recommend a better teacher.”

Sam Harvey


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Bright Owls has helped many GCSE and A level students to achieve their desired grades as well as many children to become familiar with the learning of a foreign language before starting to study it formally at a later age. We've also assisted many adult learners who have fulfilled their ambition to learn a new language.

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Bright Owls delivers a wide range of language courses all year round, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese being the most popular. We also teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Polish, Russian upon request. Our courses are for total Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced students, in the daytime or evening.

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